Winning Tricks Distract Your Opponent With Your Good Looking Girlfriend


If you are determined to win your next tennis match and you have a “hot” girlfriend, then get her to help you by distracting your opponent.

The main thing is for her to look as sexy as possible by wearing clothing that shows off her amazing body. So the WTF would recommend:

  • hot pants
  • cut off t-shirt
  • push up bra
  • red lip stick
  • stiletto heels

Results prove that by having your good looking girlfriend on the side of the tennis court, this will improve your chances of winning a tennis match by over 69%.

Extra top tip – make sure your girlfriend stands up after every single point and shouts your name – just so you know your opponent gets a good look at her.

But Maybe You Don’t Have A Hot Girlfriend
Yes it is true not everyone has a hot girlfriend, but here are the possible solutions:

  • use you hot sister / cousin
  • maybe you have a hot mum
  • pay some hot girl to cheer for you

This will act as a double bonus, not only will your opponent be distracted by your alleged hot girlfriend BUT they will also be thinking “how the hell is SHE going out with HIM!”

Obviously if you are playing someone who needs to distracted by some good looking guy, then use your hunky boyfriend.

This tactic is perfectly legal and does not contravene any WTF tennis rules.



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