Danger Don’t Eat Curry Before Playing Tennis


For a long time one of the old wives tales of the tennis world has been “don’t eat curry before tennis or you might skid off the court”.

Well now professors at the University of Rotherham in England have decided to see if this tale is true or not.

And the results will shock you – YES curry can pose a real DANGER if you eat before playing tennis.

What the professors found were

  • excessive farting is 100% guaranteed
  • if you are playing doubles, your farting can cause your partner to suffer from temporary suffocation
  • if you fart too hard, you might have to call for a medical time out and run to the toilet

However, if you do insist on eating a curry before playing tennis, then the professors have advised you to avoid curries made with beans and lentils, cabbage, and other similar vegetables – as these really will turn your bum into a trombone.

Another top tip is to maybe play on a windy day. That way the wind will blow your methane gas clouds away as fast as possible.

So if you do intend to train to be a top tennis player, the WTF advises you to stay away from curries.

But as a footnote, if you do have good sphincter control, then you could always let rip at the changeover – thus leaving your farts to gas your opponent as they walk pass you and choking them.


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