Loud Music Will Help You Win Tennis Matches


Scientist at the World Tennis Federation institute have now identified that to help you win your next tennis match, you must play some really loud music before you go on court.

WTF scientists recommend you buy yourself some decent headphones – the big kind not the small ones that go in your ear – and get ready to blast yourself mental with some loud music.

As we all know, loud banging music will get your heart pumping, your mind racing and focused into a zone where you will just want to WIN WIN WIN.

Some gentile tennis players may not be aware of what loud banging music should be played to get them psyched up into a winning frenzy, but luckily WTF scientist have put together a list for you. Play any of the following bands and it will work (guaranteed)


Led Zeppelin


Pearl Jam


Music To Avoid – don’t play any of the following music as it will have the opposite effect and cause you to lose any tennis match you play


Simply Red

Barry Manilow

Extra Bonus – by playing loud music before you go on court, it will have the side effect of leaving you slightly deaf. This is brilliant as it gives you an excuse to ignore anything the umpire says.


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