When Is A Tennis Ball Called In


This is the number one question in tennis – was the ball in or out?

Bad line calls can lead to big arguments, accusations of cheating and even violence. So it is vital for the world of tennis that we all get to learn if a tennis ball is IN or if it is OUT.

To assist you with this troublesome dilemma, shown above is a photo of a tennis ball and the position it landed on a tennis court.

There are 2 possible answers – it is either

A – IN



See below for the correct answer.

The correct answer is A – it was IN, because it landed on the tennis line.

The World Tennis Federation would suggest you take this photo with you to your next tennis game. This is so you can also educate your fellow tennis player what a ball landing IN looks like. It will save you hours of accusing them of being cheating bastards.


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