Most Female Tennis Players Drink Pinot


Yes, it is official – the number one choice of after tennis drinks with females is Pinot.

This may shock some of you, as you might have thought most ladies would have opted for a bottle of champagne, but top level research by the WTF confirms that Pinot is the drink for the ladies “post tennis”.

The WTF visited over 378 tennis clubs all over the world and sat down to have drinkies with regular female tennis players. Without asking what they wanted, over 68% of ladies rushed to the bar and ordered a bottle of Pinot once they came off court.

When asked why Pinot was the number one drink with female tennis players, the WTF was told:

“i can’t drink beer after tennis, people might stare”

“i would prefer to drink champers, but the price they charge here is too bloody expensive”

“Pinot is the one thing that a group of women can actually agree on”

“Pinot is great after tennis, sets me up just right for getting home and dealing with the kids and my husband”

The WTF would like to confirm that we have not been bribed by the Pinot wine growers association of the world to write this article, but generous sponsorship is always appreciated.


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