Crying When You Lose At Tennis Is Pathetic


So you lost a tennis match! So what – get over it!

Running off court and crying your eyes out won’t change the result. You lost, suck it up and move on.

If you want to be a tennis champion or at least win some matches, then crying won’t solve it. No one cares. People only like winners.

However, if you win Wimbledon – that is a different story. You can cry as much as you like – people love a happy ending.

Here at the WTF tennis training academy we have a simple slogan “crying is for losers”. However, if you want to turn a negative into a positive – then listen up.

The second after you have lost your tennis match – do the following:

  1. shake your opponents hand
  2. smile through gritted teeth
  3. then ask your opponent “that was a great win, but before you go – can you tell me what you think I was doing wrong?”

Your opponent will love this – it will boost their ego massively.

Listen to what they have to say and if possible get them to show you how they beat you with a quick demonstration back on court.

This 5 minute chat is worth much more than a whole series of tennis lessons. You will learn more in those few minutes than you ever will from paying your tennis coach for a bunch of lessons.

Then go away and iron out the bad parts of your tennis game that allowed you to be beaten. You will be amazed next time you play a tennis match, how you just won’t make the same mistakes.


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