Typhoon Stops Tennis In Tokyo


Early this morning Typhoon Teetzup has made landfall just outside Tokyo, with the result that not many people will be able to play tennis this afternoon.

The Japanese Typhoon Forecasting Bureau estimates that winds will reach over 250 miles an hour today, as Typoon Teetzup causes havoc at tennis clubs all around Tokyo and Yokohama.

Our local news reporter in Tokyo – Kuniko Kupazoop – ventured out to interview Tokyo tennis players, to see how they were coping in these very trying conditions.

Mr Sarki Sandweech-San of Chiba tennis club told us – “Yes, I went out to play my regular game of tennis this morning. However, when I came to serve, I tossed the ball up and it shot out of my hand, flew over 2 miles and smashed into a local coffee shop window. I feel shamed that I was unable to control my balls in such high winds. I have brought dis-honour to Chiba tennis club. I have therefore resigned my membership and gone to join Chiba badminton club – where they only play indoors during Typhoon season.”

When WTF experts were asked by other Tokyo tennis players if it was OK to go and play tennis during Typhoon season – we replied “Not really, unless you are serving downwind”.


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