Tennis set to become top sport in the world


Amazing news comes out today that throughout this century the popularity of tennis is set to grow – making it the number 1 sport in the world.

Professor Anthony Piccolo PHD of the University of Gatwick in England, has today published his exhaustive 4,000 page thesis on the most popular sport in the 21st century.

He said “the aim of this paper is to show which sports most people will want to play and watch in the future – so that governments, organisations and multi-nationals can plan and invest. Too many times have governments been unable to deal with a sudden spike in demand (or even a second spike), with the result that they have let the people down”.

Professor Piccolo went on to add – “My research shows that the two most popular sports in the future will be golf and tennis, all proven by my 100% accurate and no-nonsense data showing what will happen in the future – I guarantee it”.

Asked by WTF report Amy Bird why anyone should take his report seriously – Professor Piccolo said – “All my data is correct and this is because of the following facts:

I am a life long academic with a beard

I have never had a proper job so I know what I am talking about

I spend alot of time in my study, studying things

I know what I am talking about – go away you rude pleb”.

As you can see from the graph below it is clear that tennis will be the number one sport in the 21st century.

Tennis set to become top sport in the world
Tennis set to become top sport in the world

When asked what was the one main reason why he thought tennis was going to be more popular than golf – Professor Piccolo said “golf is for sad losers”.


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