The contents of this website

When reading this tennis related website you should realise from the moment of realisation that everything on this website is fictitious – apart from some of the real stuff. So please do not take any of this seriously.

How you read this tennis website

When you read anything on this tennis website, kindly make sure you have a sense of humour. If you don’t have a sense of hum our then please go away as you won’t find this website amusing. In tests we have found that about 15% of people who read this website have no sense of humour. However, they tell their friends they do. Also (if you are American) the word humour is spelt with a “U” in it.

Affiliation to big tennis organisations

This website is not affiliated with any big tennis organisations or big tennis companies or big tennis players or big tennis stuff. So if you think that anything you read on this tennis website is connected with any big tennis people/ places/ things etc – then you really should sit down in a darkened room and start breathing very slowly.

Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors

Please be warned that on this tennis website there are loads of errors. Generally we don;t bother to spell check anything and as getting quote marks in the right place – no chance.

One thing you will see on this tennis website are loads of split infinitives. We are not really sure what a┬ásplit infinitive is, but we have been told by grammar nutters that it really annoys them. So get used to reading “to boldly hit a tennis ball” throughout this website.