Can I Sit Down On A Tennis Court If I Have Diarrhoea


Question – Hello WTF, recently I had an attack of the squits whilst playing tennis and to avoid embarrassment (and a mess) I decided to sit down on the court. My opponent said that was not allowed and I had to forfeit the point. Can you tell me who was correct. Thanks Julie.

Answer – Hello Julie. sorry to hear about your “predicament” on court. Unfortunately playing tennis does have some nasty side effects. Physically exerting yourself a bit too much can result in SBC – aka “sudden bowel collapse”.

With regards to the rules of tennis, you can use Rule 765TS – which allows the player to sit down on court and look for the nearest toilet. If the player is able to see a toilet within 30 seconds they can then run off court and empty their bowels.

However, if no toilet can be seen within 30 seconds, the match is forfeited and the losing player is allowed to stay seated on the court until they feel brave enough to stand up.

Top WTF Tip – as shown in the photo, just in case your bottom might explode on court, we suggest you look out for your nearest toilet before you start your match.


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