My Tennis Partner Passed Out Drunk On Court


Question – What’s Up WTF – I need some help cause the other day my tennis partner passed out drunk on court. I really did not know what to do. This is not the first time she has done this and probably won’t be the last. So next time when she does pass out on court, what should I do. Thanks Danny.

Answer – Hi Danny, thanks for your message. Getting drunk on court is bad enough, but also passing out is even more serious. Does this woman have no self respect. Not only is she putting her life in danger, but just think about what could also happen:

  1. she could whack you on the back on the head whilst trying to serve
  2. she could really annoy your opponents with a drunk rant resulting in a full blown fight
  3. her ability to make correct line calls would be just about impossible
  4. she would never know or remember what the score was
  5. after the match you would never get her to leave the tennis club as she continued to drink the bar dry
  6. you could be forced to forfeit the match

So in the opinion of the WTF executive ruling committee we would suggest next time she passes out on a tennis court, just drag her to the side of the court and let her sleep it off. Then go find someone sober to play tennis with, so you can have a fun time (without the stress of being next to a drunk).


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